Workshop I

Our Workshop I – for training potential mentors (& enlightening all others that are interested)

Think of it as “basic training”. At the end of this class you will:

  1. See how learning to assist others raises the level of your own relationships
  2. Have tools for marital “maintenance” rather than just “tune ups & repairs”
  3. Know if/when you are ready to mentor
  4. Have a network of “peer mentors”
  5. Be able to go online to take a “certification” test

The format will be scripturally led in a round table discussion format with a facilitator.

We will use the text: The Complete Guide to Marriage Mentoring by Drs Les & Leslie Parrott, codirectors for the Center for Relationship Development at Seattle Pacific University.

We will also be using the seperate MEN workbook and WOMEN workbook.
Along w/ the class & workbook, we encourage note taking to help you develop your own mentoring style as a couple. We also encourage you to bring for “show and tell” very directly relevant & scripturally sound books, stories, and other resources to help other attendees develop perspective & insight.

Here’s the general outline for our introductory class – the training of mentor couples.

Weeks 1-2

  • Overview of what mentoring is and is not
  • Who can do this, what does it take
  • Common pitfalls
  • Boomerang effect

Week 3 – 6

  • Essential skills for all types of mentoring
  • Building rapport / walk in their shoes / work as a team / agree on outcomes / ask good questions / listen aggressively / any question is possible / tell your stories / pray together / stay sharp / be yourself

Week 7 – 8

  • Finding your niche in the triad
  • The Triad: Preparing ( new couples ), Maximizing ( established couples ), Repairing ( challenged couples ).
  • Referring to: another couple who may click or have more in common, the pastor to help identify sin issues that are a stumbling block, a counselor for immediate crisis intervention.

Wrap up week(s):

  • Discussion of “tools”: e.g.: an overview of how one chooses relevant books, websites, authors, radio programs, family outings, cultural events, etc.
  • Sign up applications for the mentoring coordination pastors file
  • Discussion & arraingement of mentoring pier support

A meal gather concludes Workshop I. Time/Location to be announced.

We ask that you go to
and take the quick assessment to make sure you have some basic grasp of the eternal importance of mentoring marriages.