Please leave comments about your “mid married life” experiences: helpful scriptures, stories, books, mentor examples.

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There is an order of priorities God gives us, or I can just draw you a picture:

In marriage as in life, there is

a danger of  “plateauing” ……


if we do not persevere.

When do you do better in marriage, when you are jointly serving ? or jointly drifting ?

1 Thessalonians 2:12: “Live lives worthy of God, who calls you into His kingdom and glory.”

It begs the question, “What do people think of God when they watch us in our marriages?” We don’t have a choice whether our marriages will be an open book or not because no matter how much we try to hide who we are behind closed doors—someone, somewhere, will eventually read your marriage book.

The truth is you may never know who has been reading your marriage book. You can be sure your children are —every day. It could also be the neighbors, people you work with, or even complete strangers.

I agree with Ravi Zacharias. He is “convinced that God created marriage, in large part, as a base for ministering to others.”  For me, thats absolutely the number one consideration in what is a daily priority in my marriage.

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