Notice we are NOT teachers but facilitators.

While we do follow an outline we expect each workshop will be group taught by freely sharing experiences as we follow an outline of topics.


We have absolutely no credentials !

After seeing such a need in his circle of friends and acquaintances, Paul has a burden to “do something” for the countless couples he’s seen in hurt over the years. In an attempt to bring his own marriage to a higher level and to be able to “give” something to those about him as God gives the opportunity to be of help, he has studied various materials – scripturally centered. Perhaps many of the same resources you have found useful ?

That which I, Paul, have enjoyed gaining some wisdom from include:

  • Lay counseling workshops offered by a Detroit based christian counseling center.
  • Working  thru Smalley Trent video series. ( note clickable links )
  • Studying numerous Minirth Meier books.
  • Gleaning from Ravi Zacharius teachings on marriage.
  • Involvement as the “counselee” in too many counseling sessions & being “psychologically evaluated ” just for “fun” (yeah – I’m basically balanced said the professional. )
  • Perhaps 10 years of studying books and interviewing mentor worthy couples as to what makes marriage “work”. (….surprise: its nurturing Christ as center, an active scriptural purpose, being  jointly pursued. )
  • Subtopics I’ve enjoyed studying, the aspects of which will be part of any facilitating I’m involved in:
  1. Regular couple devotional times
  2. Differing personality types
  3. Differing learning styles
  4. Hierarchy of needs
  5. Varying stress levels of life events and the results of not working thru them and surrendering them to God
  6. Being “Linked to Someone in Pain” – how it affects you, how you can help them
  7. Pastoral Counseling role: 3-5 sessions limited to: a) identifying the sin issue(s) causing conflict, b) put in motion a plan involving any/all of the following: set up mentorship for accountability, small group participation, professional counseling referral, c) report back w/ progress.
  8. Steps of grief/healthy healing: Denial,  anger outward..then inward, bargaining/depression/introspection, enlightenment for purpose, acceptance/action plan for purpose.  ( “/” = perhaps differing options at a given point of healing )
  9. Effects of depression and planning for “it” to minimize the effects of “it planning for you”
  10. The critical early days of marriage
  11. Having a purpose, how to agree on one & cultivate it into purposeful living
  12. Preventing the dangerous possibilities that come with “plateauing”
  13. Having solid footings with each other and a support network before the inevitable trials all experience

What has moved me to offer myself as facilitator ?

  • Seeing a void in many church bodies where there needs to be the biggest support mechanisms
  • Those all about me, too great in number and varying in need for me be able to help all
  • Knowing the “early years” are crucial, but so are the “hard times”, as well as the potential dangers of complacency in the “smooth years”

It is our deep desire to be part of making marriages great for God and one another.

It is also our hope, that many like you will make the choice to share the wisdom that God and imparted and entrusted to you – to share it for His ultimate glory.

God bless you and your marriage.