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Series: Maintenance ~ the Annual ‘Financial Life’ Review

For your ‘bigger picture’. Scripture has more to say about finances than any other topic. At least 1x per year, I sit with my ‘patients’ for a ‘checkup’.

Annual Review ‘Checklist’

~ For your self examination. An outline primer for our ‘therapist’ session(s) on your financial health and awareness.

It’s recommended that you consider ‘Your CHECKLIST‘ at least annually & after any significant changes. Most important point here is when 1 area of your financial life changes, it’s highly probable that it will impact other aspects.

Hence, we recommend giving the ‘bigger picture’ to any of your financial professionals when there is a change, as well as those that may be advising and counseling you in other ways (eg: religious, interpersonal, career, medical).

As a practical matter, it’s helpful for your professional to know:

  • your level of familiarity (comfort/ knowledge) with the topic(s)
    1. from novice (little/ no knowledge)
    2. to familiar with terms (a basic working knowledge),
    3. to experienced.
  • Further, and perhaps related, are you:
    1. in a planning stage?
    2. Or the ‘simply need maintenance’ stage?
    3. Or perhaps ‘crisis’ mode.

To summarize: which of 3 stages of knowledge, and which of 3 stages of life application.

Couples should complete as a team. On many topics, its important for children to be at least aware of many of these topics for learning, if not brought in for their role in the family unit & expectations in many areas.

Thank you.

The Lord Bless you and Keep You !!!


Crown Financial (our strong favorite):
  • The premise of teachings: from Larry Burkett are ‘to transform people and society through the principles and practices of God’s economy.
  • Why I like it: is that everything, time/ talent/ and financial increase, belongs to God. We are to store up our treasures in heaven, not earth. While we are here, we are called to follow work ethic (Psalms) and invest (Matt 25 story of talents) and help those in need (Matt 25 sheep and goats).

Dave Ramsey:

  • Premise: live below your means now, enjoy the future more and bless others.
  • I lean in to the tools, but be aware that ‘endorsed providers’ are not as much a personalized or local referral but a format that is a mix of direct and indirect paid advertising by the professionals ‘endorsed’. I recommend finding an astute local person of character and sufficient wisdom to discern, to give you a list of professionals they’d recommend – AND why they recommend them specifically.

As always, mentor and be a scriptural example to others God places in your path. They need your testimony:

Blessings !

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