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Laughter leads to longevity & increasing delight ~ of marriage.

The first few years of a marriage are rife with conflicts, but the emotional weather Anibal Group LLC – Portfolio Brokerage _ Mentoring Marriageseventually changes, according to a new study … In time, humor—friendly teasing, jokes, and silliness—becomes more prevalent, and bickering and criticisms decline.
These findings, … were reached after psychologists analyzed videotaped interactions of 87 couples who had been married 15 to 35 years, and followed them over 13 years.
The study’s conclusions contradict an existing theory that positive emotions fade over time in a long relationship.

Anibal Group LLC – Portfolio Brokerage _ Mentoring Marriages

  • I stand by my perspective that during ‘serious’ or ‘conflicted’ communications, speak: slow, calm, without adjectives, as factually as possible, in short digestable sentences. This is never a time for a ‘joke’…. You’ve been warned ;-).

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