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Oh be careful little eyes what you see…

Pastor was right. There are many books in the book store – many that seem to have DSC05702‘Christian’ titles and themes. Watch out ! Not all writers have the anointing of God on their pen.

Look at who the publisher is. Look at who has the back page endorsements – can you trust the sources ? And most of all, ‘test’ the words, as you would any thoughts, against what you know to be Gods word. If you don’t know Gods word well enough to do that – put down the book and spend another 5 yrs studying scripture.

Here’s my review I just posted on Amazon about a book claiming that the Bible does not have a good perspective on marriage and sex and is full of secret contradictions … really ? In fact, Christ is pictured as the bridegroom of the church. Further, an engagement is seen as a very sacred promise, a time during which the bride prepares for her household and the groom prepares the place of abode. There exists many such beautiful metaphorical illustrations.DSC05703

  • The writer seems to feel the audience is mostly uninformed in greater biblical study. This seemingly is sadly taken advantage of. Many excellent scriptural texts have been excluded and much of the Hebrew scriptures are taken out of context. Gods Word is a work of artistic perfection, and like any other art work, one has a greater appreciation for the end product if the entire work and process is examined. Some of scripture is poetry, some prophecy, some proverbs, some parable, some simply historical narrative, some law that has now been fulfilled in Christ, some epistle. Any given ‘scriptural sentence’ is bound to be misunderstood if the entire work is not taken as a whole. Imagine seeing a few random lines in a play and extrapolating from there. There is so much more to Gods depth than the conclusions drawn therein. Blessings

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After 63 years of marriage, couple dies 20 minutes apart

“Mom and dad were Christians. They loved Christ. They wanted so badly to show their love for Christ that they loved one another. It’s natural what they do. For them to be able to be a witness in life, also in death, that’s cool. Really cool.”

When he passed, the clock on the walls battery stopped at the exact same time… 

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Speaking with words of our Lord

Just saw a post re: ‘Be yourself’. Nice bumper sticker or t-shirt, but how often do we quote ‘the world’ who has no infinite wisdom when we could quote Christ whom has it all ?

When believers default to ‘sayings’, colloquialisms and euphemisms, so much gets lost. The deliverer is thinking one thing, the hearer another.

What if our ‘sayings’ where the ‘boring scripture quotes’ my grandmother always spoke in ?


I really miss hearing her speak only wisdom – perhaps why she was named ‘Pearl’.