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New tools for the toolbox

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One more off topic post: Should Scriptural Believers Submit to Government Authority?

Well, mostly off topic.

This falls in the arena of  ” always be ready to give and answer…”.

In the Christ centered marital bliss area, when disagreement comes along, please please start with Gods position…anything less being opinion only and of little ultimate use, – use it to mold your  in-house “policies/procedures”. E.g.: spouse wants to “embellish” tax deductions, or takes a sarcastic public position on the general leadership in power – covert/overt anti authority ideology.

Welp, sure enough someone always has to go bringing up truth – aka: Gods position – THE position we are to take.

So if you have a “well elsewhere in scripture it says” moment ? Wonderful, I knew there was a reason I recommended daily couple devotional times, and so did the spouse that just objected.

Agree to study His word, occupy (it) till He comes.

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How far will you let the world take you ? “dinosaur flatulence warmed Earth”

Dinosaur flatulence may have warmed Earth read the heading in Yahoo news.

Oh yeah ? Well I couldn’t let this one pass by.

I posted :

G’me a stinkin break. Even Darwin discounted his own theories later in life in his final literary work, must be more gov’t brainwashing hot air., Flint

Response : Sacramento, California  •

Hi Flint…can you identify for me or direct me to “his final literary work”. Interesting.



After a 1/2 day public debate on the topic at the big ten university I attended, I accumulated many books on dealing with what Darwin actually said. Seems he 1. simply put down his observations, 2. saw holes and admitted such to others 3. felt creatures where created in mass but the variant forms caused degrees of ability to continue surviving.

Imbedded in one of my books – which is somewhere, is a quotation from Darwin in his latter days that I loosely paraphrase the jest of from memory: he felt others has taken his findings to reinterpret where life comes from and such conclusions “take more faith than to believe in a God” – whom he did not believe in.

The MIT prof handily won the audience against popular evolutionary thought & the Boston College prof presenting it that day.

The best I can quickly find ?…


Might I suggest with my eyes fixed on the goal I push on to secure the prize of God’s heavenward ….. Philippians Chapter 3 Verse 14

Your goal ?

Your centered in Christ purpose in/with/for:

  1. God
  2. Your marriage as it especially relates to #1
  3. Your family as it supports #1 and #2
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Mentoring 101: a little truth can set others free

I recall the “growth times” I was “trusted with” more than a few times in life. They’d start similar, and as the years passed they would pan out more easily each time. Hence “growth”. The first time you are given the opportunity for growth ( aka your life is thrown for a tail spin ), you go through all the emotions – and quickly. Then you scramble since you still control the world having not yet learned to look to God asap for how this “can work together for good”. Well, this all familiar stair steps sequence is on the tools page as you sort out the typical 5 steps to healing, but what if you mentoring folks would take particular note of the  “honesty factor” and dispense accordingly when you see another in the throws of such challenge ?

So much easier would those times have been had others more quickly said “been there, experienced all that and then some, lived to see another day”. Actually, this honesty is most useful before the storm clouds move in.

To wit: today’s link regarding “gee, why didn’t you just level with me during my young and impressionable days?”