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Unedifying practices …why start ?

Today I read a posting where a young couple made light of a doctrinal teaching, indirectly making fun of scriptural directions as viewed by the denomination that took a certain position.

In earlier days I can’t tell you how many (more than now even) times I put my foot in my mouth by taking a “funny” position. You just never know which person in your presence just lost a sister or son to suicide, who’s family member just passed away or was diagnosed with a terminal disease. Even closer to home, you don’t know when your spouse is having a difficult day simply pondering a close friend or remembering a family member regarding a situation that reflects hardships of life. These hardships will come to everyone sooner or later.

Since hardships will come, and as the apostle Paul, we should learn to welcome the growth & ministry opportunities that will come with them, why not take an attitude of living daily in support/ mentor/ nurture and descipling of others around you….even yourself ?

Take a look at the default activities in your life. Do they grow, edify & strengthen or not so much ? Making fun, slang, “gentle cussing”, only one drink or “social” drinking, sarcasm. What would happen if we replaced these activities with when we see hurt or need we immediately offer a quick prayer. When we get hurt, is it the Spirit bringing to our mind a reminder to pray for others in the same situation ? When we see pain/loss/etc, what do we have to offer. Confusion, what can we study to have more to pass along. When we argue strongly our position, does it take into count the possibility that we may influence much deeper by gently questioning or attentively listening ?

Some things will lead us wrong when trials and tough days come….some things planned and practices daily will get you ready for the storm – yours or those you’ve yet to minister to.

You may be surprise how your ministry influence grows in strength and how your life centers on Gods purpose when you execute according to a planned instead of off the cuff response to every aspect of your daily walk.

God keep.