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Is your marital advice coming from a Yahoo ?

In a recent Yahoo “Shine” article “Are you stuck in a semi-happy marriage?”,  I read a closing remark:

  • “people can still end up feeling only semi-happy. “There’s a part of your soul that isn’t nourished in marriage, and it’s too big a part to live without,”….

Really ? When will the world learn ? Remember that thing called church ?… and a book called the Bible ? The words of my SS teacher from 25 yrs ago still ring in my ears, many psychologists need to point couples to daily reading what God wants, not what each other wants, and prayer for each other…with each other.

Perhaps we are stuck in a selfish lifestyle – lighten up, ease off, and marry for ministry people, marry for Gods purpose.

I just had to get this off my mind, P

ps, sorry no links today, this is from the horses mouth.

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Keeping Finances Separate Can Be Costly

Not my favorite source for couples financial matters, but worth a look by those that are wandering about without a plan – of course see Focus and Dave Ramsey pages., p    full article

“You would think if their finances were separate, couples wouldn’t fight about money, but what happens is they never have an opportunity to talk about mutual goals,” says Wall, co-founder of the nonprofit Women’s Institute for Financial Education ( “So one of them will set a goal to save for a bigger house while the other may think new golf clubs are more important — and they are off to the races fighting about money.” Nearly one in five of young professionals regretted not discussing financial goals and expectations earlier.