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Visit Often….Intentionally Live Daily

Intentional Living . com
With Dr Randy Carlson !!

At Intentional Living, we believe that doing the next right One Thing in every important area of your life will make a difference – a big difference – in your life.  Our commitment to you is that we will do everything we can, including  radio, resource materials, conferences, curriculum and more to help you:

Live the Way You Want to Become

You can turn your good intentions into reality!  We’re here to come alongside you and coach you through it so that you can live the life God wants for you – today!

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….world’s longest marriage…

( from Yahoo) “Our hearts melted when we read this piece on Herbert and Zelmyra Fisher of North Bern, N.C., who hold the record for Herbert and Zelmyra Fisher via @longestmarriage on Twitter.the world’s longest marriage. Herbert, 104, and Zelmyra, 101, have enjoyed 86 years of wedded bliss. According to Mashable, Herbert and Zelmyra, married in 1924, enjoy sitting on their front porch and counting cars. As if that weren’t adorable enough, the two tweeted love advice to the masses between February 12 and Valentine’s Day on their joint Twitter account, the aptly-named @longestmarried.”

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Budget: is one of the ugliest marriage words

10 ways to make a budgetAnd this post has absolutely nothing to do with it ( sorry ).

I was about to post a link to an article on budgeting when I noticed the less than useful, edifying, marital supporting ( need I go on) links all about it. So we’ll just stick to endorsing, and Dave Ramsey for now with this note…..once we look left or right – away from God and His purposes for our unions, we’d better be looking for opportunities to minister ONLY, otherwise be looking for ways to support & build our ministering abilities. Satan is read and willing to divide and conquer. Remember there is nothing better he would like than to separate our “team”, and then a cord of 3 strands will no longer be !, Paul