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Tools page updated.

I’ve added When Couples Pray / Cheri FullerCouple in Prayer

We use this book. It has practical examples …1 per chapter..of differing schedules & couple personality mixes that have developed each their own style of using prayer to draw each other close under a yielding purpose in Christ. Try to “let the sun go down on your anger” after you’ve prayed for your spouse openly knowing God is checking your spirit. I’m thankful that dad had family devotions each night at 9 when I was growing up to set an example., Paul the rice is thrown and the cake is eaten, couples settle into the oft-difficult task of building a life together. Believing that the couple that prays together stays together (and citing statistical divorce rates of less than one percent to prove her point), Cheri Fuller upholds joint prayer as the glue to seal a Christian marriage. In When Couples Pray: The Little Known Secret to Lifelong Happiness in Marriage, she shares many stories of couples who discovered the power of prayer


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