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Say ‘Thank You’

A successful relationship depends not just on how partners divvy up the household chores, but also on how they gratitude.

A new study sheds light on why one partner often gets stuck with certain household chores while the other is oblivious to the piled-up laundry or overflowing garbage. The trick to harmony could be a simple “thank you,” the research indicates.


researchers suggest:

  • Perform tasks before they become necessary.
  • Stick to a schedule for specific chores.
  • Be mindful of the work your partner does and remember to express gratitude.
  • Write down a list of your tasks. Then, switch lists (and tasks) for a week or month to better understand your partner’s contributions.
  • Understand that each partner has a different threshold for household chores so you can address your partner in a calmer, less accusing way.
( host added: ….scriptures anyone…..anyone ? )


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