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Shadowlands – watch it together for many life lessons…

by Paul.

Recall how we’ve discussed “the 5 steps to grieving/healing”, recall the film I had to watch for a management class “12 Angry Men” -where you learn how to be a better persuader, and NOT, recall that there are risks in life that go with the rewards?C.S. Lewis:  Through the Shadowlands

Here’s your next night in flick.

“What would a loving God do ?…allow you to love and then loose the one you love ? or never introduce you to such a lovely one in the first place, sparing you the pain ?” ( paraphrased as close as memory allows ). Certainly one of my favorite lines follows in the answer: ” He’d give YOU the choice”.

But you will treasure your spouse as well as learn about healing and about staying true to you purpose in Christ as an individual by the time you get to the 2 closing priceless scenes – that as well as the summation ending dialogue.

Much as I dislike giving my precious life moments away to sit for a film, this one is useful for the greater purpose.


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